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Founded in May 2000, this site is dedicated to establishing and reinforcing contact between members and descendants of the de Chazal family wherever in the world they may be, and to becoming a major point of reference for the history of the family.

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Bulletin! (31 March 2004)

CHAZFEST 2004 in South America - Register your interest now!

Programa de Actividades del Chazfest Bolivia 2004

Chazfest 2004 - Programa opcional para visitar las Misiones Jesuíticas de Chiquitos

Program of Activities for Chazfest Bolivia 2004

Chazfest 2004 - Optional Program to Visit The Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos

New from Tucuman

Invitación al CHAZFEST 2004, Argentina

Programa de Actividades del Chazfest Argentina 2004

Invitation to Chazfest 2004, Argentina

Program of Activities for Chazfest Argentina 2004


Important -
Many email addresses in our list have proved to be in error, especially those belonging to Bolivian relatives. Please try to help by supplying the Gatekeeper with updated addresses for people you know



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